Advancing UAV Technology for Utilities
Central Electric Cooperative, a licensee of the Innovation Pointe Digital Platform, is using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance reliability while mitigating risks. Central is also using expertise in using UAV technology to gain efficiencies and cost savings by revolutionizing how the utility integrates and manages assets.

Increasing Efficiencies

UAV technology revolutionizes asset inspections and assessment by providing a face-to-face perspective rather than a ground view. Using sensors and specialized cameras, UAVs can identify problems not seen by the naked eye. Asset inspections decrease down-time and increase efficiencies.

Reducing Costs

Maintenance costs are a significant recurring cost for most businesses. UAV technology provides opportunities to reduce maintenance costs by more efficiently inspecting and monitoring assets.

Enhancing Reliability While Mitigating Risks

UAVs increase safety for employees. UAVs can identify hazards not seen from the ground. UAVs allow for the remote surveying and damage assessment of assets thus enhancing reliability.