Electric Vehicles

Central Electric Cooperative is currently evaluating how electric vehicles can benefit both you, our member-owners, and the utility. While electric vehicles are very efficient, they can still add a significant load on your home's electrical system. If you are considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, we would like to talk with you further. Please, call our office at 800-375-2884 or email editor@mycentral.coop.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles are more efficient than gas and diesel powered vehicles.
>> Compare EV to hybrid and fossil fuel vehicles


Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and are cheaper to maintain.
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Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly producing a fraction of CO2 emissions over traditional vehicles.
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Electric vehicles can go a couple hundred miles on a single charge, and they can charge overnight in your garage.
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There are a number of incentives for electric vehciles at both a state and national level.
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Energy Security

The U.S. imports 24% of its petroleum and 75% of that is used for the transportation sector.
>> Learn how EVs can decrease our dependence on foreign oil

Are you interested in purchasing an electric vehicle?

If you are a Central Electric Cooperative member and are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, please contact our Member Relations department at 800-375-2884. We will make sure your service is adequate to handle the increased load.

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