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Stay Cooler While Saving Energy
Your use of indoor energy can soar with the rising temperatures. Here are four ways to take control:
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Keeping Fido Safe This Summer
Your dog loves riding in the car with you and playing in the grass on warm, sunny days. But when it gets really hot, keep Fido indoors where the air conditioning can keep your best friend cool.
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Keep Kids Safe All Summer
You might not be able to keep your eyes on your children every minute this summer while they’re roaming around the neighborhood having fun. So teach them how to keep themselves safe, especially around electricity.
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Central phone lines temporarily down
Central Electric Cooperative’s phone provider is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We appreciate your patience as this issue is resolved.
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Perkins Fire Department Receives Grant
The Central Electric Cooperative Operation Round Up board recently approved a $2,000 grant to the Perkins Fire Department to purchase a drone to assist in firefighting efforts.
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Keep Fireworks Fun: Leave Them to the Pros
It wouldn’t be the Fourth of July without fireworks. But setting them off is not a do-it-yourself job. Professionals, like firefighters or trained reps of fireworks companies, know how to handle the sparkly explosions safely. Chances are, you don’t.
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DIYers: Don't Mess with Electricity
Even the handiest of handymen shouldn’t mess with electricity. Instead of tinkering with plugs and wires, it’s a good idea to hire a qualified, licensed electrician to do electrical work around your house. Not convinced? The Electrical Safety Foundation International recommends:
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Give a Wedding Gift that Promotes Energy-Efficiency
What gift could be nicer for a newlywed than one that helps a new couple save energy and money? Here are a few ideas:
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Coyle Christian Church Receives Grant
The Central Electric Cooperative Operation Round Up board recently approved a $1,000 grant to Coyle Christian Church to help with the purchase a pair of shoes for each student at Coyle Public Schools last December.
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How to Save a Ton of Money on Energy Bills
Here's a few tips to save big on your summer energy bills this year:
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