Making Places Matter

Central Electric Cooperative is using a model called Placemaking to more thoroughly evaluate places in Central’s service area. The Placemaking model represents a new architectural design for developments, a method of planning that is a more holistic approach and captures the key elements for making place matter. The framework of this model recognizes the urgent need to harness new innovations through a new systematic planning model that creates more value and long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

The Placemaking model is built on five key principles that create a better experience for tenants, improved solutions for operational excellence and an increased rate of return on investments:

  • Broad territorial vision — a recognition that developments are a part of the community/region and need to connect to other areas and stakeholders.
    A campus design that leverages spatial efficiencies and connections to resources and places.
  • Framework for growth — a model that serves as a tool for anticipating expectations, creating a path for orderly development and growth
    within the development area.
  • Creating synergies - the development of campus covenants that align the goals and objectives with tenants and retains the integrity and value of investments for long-term benefit.
  • Economies of Scale — leveraging critical resources and innovations for economies of scale and enabling firms to more effectively compete
    and optimize efficiencies and productivity.
  • Anticipating — with the exponential growth of technology, places must have the ability to continually innovate and position tenants for the future.

Smart Pointes - Making Place Matter One Pointe at a Time

Smart Pointes are an avenue for integrating smart technologies one Pointe at a time. Smart Pointes will be used throughout a community to provide various technologies, such as LED lighting, wi-fi, surveillance, video advertising, etc. Using advanced metering and building automation system integration, a Smart Pointe can be used to make a building smarter. Using smart infrastructure and renewable energy technology, an area can use Smart Pointes to use energy more efficiently. Smart Pointes use an outdoor LED lighting architecture to provide various technologies for the area. A data management and broadband infrastructure can be provided to an area through the Smart Pointe infrastructure.

Central's current Placemaking places

Innovation Pointe Campus

Innovation Pointe Campus is located along Stillwater's southern most entrance into the community. Innovation Pointe Campus isn't just a business park, it is an innovation district that provides a robust roadmap and resources to make your place successful. With the latest in technologies and efficiencies, tenants will see decreases in costs and increases to their bottom line.

Peach Development

Central is currently working with landowners and key stakeholders in the I35 and Highway 51 area.

Charter Oaks Region

Central is currently working with land owners and stakeholders in the Charter Oaks region. This area, southeast of Guthrie, will be home to the new Charter Oaks school and is a high growth area for Central.