Frequently Asked Questions
QHow do I sign up for automatic bank draft?
ALog on to SmartHub at Once logged on, click the “financial info” link on the left hand side. On this link you can save payment information for future manual payments or save payment information to draft a checking or savings account or charge a credit/debit card. You may also contact a Member Service Rep by calling 800-375-2884 and request a form be mailed, e-mailed or faxed.
QWhich credit cards can I use to pay my bill?
AVisa, Master Card and Discover can be used and can be a credit or a debit card.
QWill my electricity be disconnected if I cannot pay my bill?
AIf you know you will not be able to pay a balance in full by the due date, we encourage you to call 1-800-372-2884 and maintain an open dialogue with us. Payment arrangements may made; a Member Service Rep can tell you if you qualify. The disconnect notice will give the date of disconnection. If payment is not made within the payment arrangement time frame service will be disconnected.
Requirements for reconnection are listed below and must all be paid prior to reconnecting service:
• Past due amount
• Payment of $150.00 in reconnection fees
• Deposit on the account of $500 or twice the highest bill
• Convert to prepay which does not require a deposit or fees — ask a Member Service Rep how this could benefit you.
QHow can I change the name on my account?
ACentral’s members are cooperative owners, and each account represents a membership with associated assets, such as a membership fee, patronage capital, and possibly a deposit. Because of such assets, paperwork, signatures and possible legal documents are required. Please contact a Member Service Rep at 800-375-2884 for the required paperwork.
QCan I change my billing due dates?
AElectric bills are processed through four cycles. Each cycle is billed on a Wednesday and due on a Wednesday. Your cycle can be changed to one that is more suitable to your pay schedule. Contact a Member Service Rep at 800-375-2884 to discuss what cycle best suits you.
QWhat is the service availability fee on my bill?
AThe service availability fee pays for some of Central’s fixed costs, including distribution and generation capacity, line maintenance and system improvements, and costs for billing, member services and administration. In order for Central members to be charged an equitable rate no matter what rate class they belong to, such as residential, commercial or industrial, the cooperative must recover a portion of its fixed costs through the service availability fee. The fee is designed to ensure that one rate class does not subsidize another class and that all members pay their fair share of the cooperative’s costs.
QHow do I report a power interruption?
ACall Central at 1-800-375-2884 or 405-372-2884, or use report an outage using SmartHub at
QWhere can I find my account number?
AYou can find your account number on your bill in two places. The billing stub has the account number and the portion of the bill you keep has it as well. Your bill has a large box made up of smaller boxes. The account number is in the very top left hand corner of that box. It is near the top crease where the bill folds.
QCan I change my billing address online?
AYes, you may log into SmartHub at Once logged on click the “service my account” in the middle of the page. You will be able to update your contact information.
QDo you have electronic billing options?
AYes, you may log into SmartHub at Once logged on click the “start stop bill print” on the left hand side. You will be able to check the box to stop getting a printed bill. If you would like an electronic copy and a paper copy, simply create an account through SmartHub. You will automatically receive e-mail notifications when your bill is processed.
QWhere do I change my e-mail address?
AYou can change your e-mail address by loging into SmartHub at Once logged on click “change e-mail” on the left hand side.
QCan I mail one check for all the accounts listed on my invoice bill?
AYes, you can write one check for as many accounts as you would like. Central would ask that you please send the bill stubs with the payment to ensure all accounts are credited properly. If you have misplaced your stubs a list of accounts or writing the account numbers on the check will also be helpful.
QWhy do I sometimes have two payments due in a month, and no payments due in other months?
ADue to cycle billing this will occur periodically for cycle 2 members. There are months that you will have 2 bills due in one month and none due the next. Cycle 2 is billed the second Wednesday of the month and due 21 days later, also on a Wednesday. Depending on how many days are in a month and where the Wednesday falls this may cause two bills to be due in one month.
QDoes Central offer an average monthly payment plan or a budget plan?
ACentral offers residential members an average monthly payment plan (AMP) or budget billing. With AMP, you make an average payment each month rather than the actual billing consumption. This is an optional payment plan provided free to all eligible Central members. Members must agree to pay the average payment on time and in full every month. Members must agree to pay the account in full when they or Central request that participation in the plan terminate. To be eligible you must:
• Have one-year billing history on the account
• Have a zero balance
• Have made no more than two late payments in the last twelve months.
Contact a Member Service Rep at 800-375-2884 to sign up for AMP.
QHow does AMP work?
AAn average payment is calculated by adding the current month’s kilowatt-hour usage to the previous 11-months’ usage. The 12-month total will be divided by 12 to determine the average bill amount. Although AMP will level out the highs and lows of your seasonal usage, it is important to remember that your bill will not be the same each month. Because your bill is averaged each month, significant changes in your usage will affect the average.